Zoe Card

What is a Zoe Card? The Zoe Card was created to bring our Zoe consumers to our Zoe business owner. The Zoe Card is design as a reward card. The card holder will be entitle to discount, VIP treatment to special events and more.

Zoe Directory

The Zoe directory is a directory that will be listing all Haitian own businesses but not limited to concert events and other related Haitian business dealings.

Zoe Rated TV

Zoe Rated TV is the first TRUE Haitian American television station. Producing high quality content, from "Zoetailty" shows, Music Video Shows, Sports, Movies, News and Education Programing.

Venue 509

Venue 509 is a nice upscale event center providing you with an exceptional "Zoetailty" hospitality service second to none!

About our founder and his vision for Zoe Nation

Born in an era where Haitians were rejected, humiliated and demonized Gary Leger began a quest to learn more about his history. After countless hours of research what he found transformed his entire outlook on life and what it really meant to be of Haitian descent.

Since we live in a society where media dictates what we should think of ourselves as well as others, Mr. Leger made it a priority to bridge the gap between the Baby Boomers, X and Y generations. He is facilitating the crucial conversation on our identity crisis.

Along the way of being persecuted and ridiculed Haitians have lost sight of what sets us apart from all other Nations. We are a force to be reckoned with recorded since Jan 1, 1804.

So today, Mr. Leger fights to give Haitians back their voice and reclaim their position as a Nation of power and strong influence.

Leading by example the Entrepreneur has open up several businesses in the Central Florida area such as the Sak Pase Lounge serving authentic Haitian cuisines, Mega Print Promo that handles all your marketing and advertising needs, Venue 509 an event space with the capcity of 400+ guest, Zoe Rated Television, Leger Film Studios, Leger Exotic Rentals and more.

His companies provides an atmosphere to address the Nations areas of opportunity to navigate from a conversation to a movement.

Zoe Nation is a makeup of conscious people who are united and empowered to make the necessary changes to impact the world in the way our ancestors once did.

L'UNION FE LA FORCE (There is Strength In Unity)

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Growth over years

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Zoe Nation Foundation

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Zoe Nation Christmas Toy Drive

Rounding up a bunch of specific designs & talking about the merits of each is the perfect way to find common ground. Collecting a wide samples is a great way to start your project.

Zoe Nation Zoe Card

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